Who is a "Woman of Excellence"?

A woman of excellence is a woman who shows the qualities of being outstanding or extremely good. One who strives to go beyond the standard.

HHCC women fellowship together. We agree to actively live the by the Truth because we know that when we do, we will be on our way to experiencing God in all His glory. We know that we are strong and courageous! We do not panic because we know that the Lord our God will personally go ahead of us. He will neither fail us nor abandon us. Deuteronomy 31:7

Our Mission

Women of Excellence is committed to building up other women through prayer, encouragement, and fellowship, to empower each one to achieve a life of excellence and growth in Christ.

Our Values

***Confidentiality***:  Anything that is said in our fellowship time is never repeated outside the of that space without permission.
  • Participation:  Everyone is encouraged to participate, and no one is given permission to dominate.
  • Respect:  Everyone is given the right to his or her own opinions, and all questions are encouraged and respected.
  • Care and Support:  Permission is given to call upon each other at any time, especially in times of crisis. The group will provide care for everyone.
  • Accountability:  We agree to let other women of excellence hold us accountable to commitments we make in whatever loving ways we decide upon. At the same time, giving unsolicited advice is not permitted.
  • Empty Chair:  The women of excellence will work together to fill the empty chair with an unchurched person.
  • Mission:  We agree as women of excellence to reach out and invite others to join us and to work toward multiplication of our ministry.
  • Ministry:  We will encourage one another to volunteer to serve in a ministry and to support missions work by giving financially and/or personally serving.

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