More info about Kingdom Kids...

We believe that our children are God’s greatest gift! Kingdom kids provides special care for children ages 2-10 . It contributes to their wellbeing and complements and strengthens the Christian nurture that your child experiences at home. We strive to help your child build trusting relationships and feel a sense of belonging by reaching out in love and understanding.
We look forward to having your child in children's church! Here are some things you can do to make your child’s experience enjoyable:
  • Say positive things to your child about children church the week before he or she will first attend.  
  • Talk to your child about what happens in children church. Help him/her know what to expect.  
  • Take care of your child’s restroom and feeding needs before taking him or her into children church. A child who needs a diaper change will be taken to the parent.  
  • Inform us on registration card if your child has a food allergy. Helpful tips about the child. 
  • Reassure your child that you will come back later.  
  • Promptly return to pick up your child at the end of church service. For your child safety only parents/guardians can pick up; no siblings please.  
  • Reinforce at home what is taught in children church lessons.  
  • Please do not bring your child to children church when your child is ill.  

Participation/Kingdom Kids Partnership 

  • Positive reinforcement used in Kingdom Kids 
    • In beginning of each class go over rules for classroom 
    • Redirecting into another activity  
    • 3 step system 
      • Rule reminder- when child breaks a rule, will remind them of the poster rules. Have them repeat the rule with me. 
      • Personal Visit- If rule is broken a second time, I will walk to child and will speak to them about behavior.  
      • Immediate consequence- time out, removal of game 
  • Teaching our children about Tithes and Offering 
    • We want to encourage our children to give a tithe and offering because it’s an importance part of obeying God, no matter how little our tithe actually is. It’s much easier to build this habit at an early age. 
    • Teaching children to tithe is an important part of their faith education that we may overlook. Giving to God is a core value of our faith that should be taught early and reinforced often.  
    • We want to teach children to be intentional about their giving. 
    • 1st last Sunday’s, the children will have the opportunity to give their tithes and offerings. The children are invited to give their offering and learn that offering is a time for them to give a little bit back to God and tell Him “Thank you” for everything He gives them.  
    • Even if children are not able to give every 1st and last Sunday, please bring them to Kingdom Kids. The goal is to teach children to be givers. 
  • Kingdom Kids behavior bucks 
    • Money bucks will be used to earn rewards for positive behavior.  
    • Money bucks can be cashed in for treats from the Café and or the treasure box. 
      • Ways children can earn money bucks  
        • Positive behavior 
        • Remembering the memory verses  
        • Participating  
        • Helping other’s , etc