The History of HHCC...

In September 2003, this ministry formerly known as Higher Heights Tabernacle of Praise Church of God in Christ (HHTOP), by the leading of the Holy Spirt, was established in the home of Pastor Jack and Wynona Scott. This ministry began with prayer every Thursday evening. Very soon after the start of weekly prayer, they began holding weekly bible study and Sunday morning services. They even held Sunday school classes by separating groups into different rooms throughout the house.
Pastor Scott was the Sunday school teacher, the choir director, and the musician. Sundays had become a time of fellowship and fun, as dinner followed every Sunday service that was held.  
As the church began to grow so did the vision. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, the congregation secured a building space where services would be held. On the first Sunday in December 2003, HHTOP had their first worship service at 6916 Sunrise Blvd., Suites N&O.  
Pastor Scott had big vision. Servitude was a main part of that vision. He had a heart for serving the people in the surrounding community. In the first year, HHTOP provided Thanksgiving baskets to 4 families; sang Christmas carols throughout the community; held their first Christmas play; and they held a New Year’s Eve Gala.
Through fasting, praying and witnessing, Higher Heights began to grow. Pastor Scott’s prayer was, “Lord send in the workers!”, and God did just that! God had done something so big, that HHTOP had to add 2 additional suites to their space and they established more ministries help lead the church.  The food program at HHTOP had grown from a few families to more than fifty families who received food on a weekly basis. Through continued prayer and walking by faith, God had proven himself to HHTOP immensely. He had opened doors and made ways that most people wouldn’t believe.  
In March 2018, unaware of his declining health at the time, Pastor Jack Scott elevated Elder Dennis Austin to Assistant Pastor of HHTOP. As time progressed, Pastor Austin began to lead the flock as assigned by God and with the training, knowledge, wisdom, and vision that his spiritual father, Pastor Jack Scott, had left him with.  
In February 2019, Pastor Austin made the decision to close the doors to the building that was once HHTOP, Citrus Heights, and by the leading on the Holy Spirit and direction from his spiritual father, prior to his demise; moved the church to American Lakes Elementary School where they continued to praise God every Sunday.
In June 2019, Pastor Austin was installed, under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Curtis Sweet and the Kingdom LifeNet Ministries, as Senior Pastor of HHTOP.
Shortly after Pastor Austin was elevated to Senior Pastor of HHTOP, and after much prayer and consideration of Pastor Scott’s vision for the ministry, Pastor Austin changed the name of the church to Higher Heights Community Church (HHCC). A Church that is into what God is up to.
In March 2020, the world as we knew it, had changed. COVID hit, and our service space was no longer available. We had entered new territory and began live streaming services from the living room of one of HHCC’s partners. This is where prayer and faith really kicked in.  
Not even three months later, the Lord opened a door. HHCC received the keys to what is now our church home, 2230 Arden Way, Suite H. In less than a year later, we open the doors to the Jack Scott Outreach Center. Only God can do it!
In two years, HHCC has watched God work! We continue to serve God and the community. As it is written in our mission, we help people reach new heights through fellowship, discipleship, and relationship; just as it was started 18 years ago. Look how far God has brought us! We’re not where we ought to be, but we’re surely not where we use to be! Thank You Lord!